New look, new navigation, new structure

From May 9, 2018 on, George welcomes you in a new refreshed look , with a new menu navigation and an enhanced search function. The new navigation gives more structure to your accounts, cards and products. What to find where now …

This blog entry is the English version of George neu macht der Mai.

Rumour has it that more and more competitors are getting inspired by George and copy his looks. As g(e)orgeous as this is: Trend setting is an obligation. And that’s why George puts even more design on the fire and shows up in a new outfit. Starting on May 9 (actually already on May 8 in the late afternoon), you will find George’s overview page in a refreshed design and with a new menu navigation. And here’s what it looks like:

Most of all, the new navigation reduces and consolidates the various menu points that used to fill the precious space on the overview. Not a single function, account or product gets lost in the new navigation, as the menu is clearer now: Well-structured, giving space and opening new perspectives on your personal financial overview. Moreover, it works much better responsively, i.e., on mobile devices like tablets and smartphone browsers.

Your Products (Ihre Produkte)

Instead of many different menu points for Accounts, Cards, Savings, Loans, Portfolio, Insurances and Others, there’s one for all now: Your Products. You will find ALL your accounts and products there in a dropdown, even those which you do not want to be displayed as a card or list item on your overview page.

Good to know: The more options to personalise George you use, e.g., giving names and faces to your products, the easier the dropdown gets to navigate. Especially if you have many different products.

All about your orders: Your order list across all accounts and your portfolio also finds its new home in the „Your Products“ dropdown now. In the old navigation it used to hide behind the „list“ symbol in the upper menu. If there are any orders which require your attention, e.g., open or not executed orders, George shall tell you already in the dropdown that there might be a To Do for you.

The George transaction and all the other central functions of your accounts, cards and other products stay where they already are: in the product itself. Click and open the product from where you want to execute the action and you’ll see.

Your Extras (Ihre Zusatzfunktionen)

This is the new place for (almost) everything you can add to your finances: like the Finance Manager and your activated plugins that come with a menu of their own, e.g., Budgets.

Add  New Product (Neue Produkte)

To enhance your financial life, you will find the George Store with a variety of new and attractive products: From savings accounts, to loans, credit cards and, last but not least, innovative George plugins.


A new and enhanced transaction search across all accounts is now permanently attached to the blue menu header. As wished by so many, it comes with additional entry fields for amounts and dates. But of course, you can use the George search as you’re used to. George will find.

Messages  & Watchdogs

Communication is everything. At least in this menu point: It assembles all your „s Kontakt features“, like the direct contact to your personal advisor, as well as your George Watchdogs.


From your George Profile to your Securities Profile, from your own contact details to those in your address book, from your Login & Signing method to your Electronic Storage. Here is where you find all instruments and functions to steer your George.

Create your own personal George

Well-structured and easy to navigate. This is how the new navigation is supposed to be. Thus, George promises even more clarity in your financial life. As most things in life, it is a matter of  custom. The more you personalise George, the faster this works. So here are some nice tips to make George your George (In German language but with self explaining pictures):




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