This couldn’t happen anywhere else

3 Jahre Erste Hub, wo George entstand und weiter wächst. Hier ist, was der Chef dazu sagt: Das (englische) Grußwort von Andreas Treichl, CEO of Erste Group.

Andreas Treichl

Andreas Treichl, CEO Este Group; Copyright: Andi Bruckner

Many many thanks!

There are times when you feel that your work could affect a vast number of people.

Some of us felt this when we started the Erste Hub three years ago. But we had no guarantee for success. Because there never is when you start something so completely new.

All we could do was to bring together the best talent from inside and outside the bank. We would give them time and space to experiment.

Today – only 36 months later – almost 500.000 computers and smartphones are running George. And our product is on the mind of many fintech experts as well as our competitors. And the numbers are still growing fast.

I want to thank all of you in Erste Hub and BeeOne. You came here to change banking for the better. You did fight for your ideas. You wanted your work to be outstanding. You climbed the steep mountain, not the comfortable hill.

This is the attitude on which Erste was built originally. We have been founded some 200 years ago to give people access to wealth.

You have contributed another step to fulfill this purpose.

This couldn’t happen anywhere else. Let’s continue our great story.


Andreas Treichl
CEO, Erste Group



  1. Helmut Apfelthaler sagt:

    Meine Eltern haben vor 70 Jahren ein Konto bei der Ersten für mich
    eröffnet. Seither bin nicht nur Kunde.
    Viele Produkte der Ersten habe ich kennen- und schätzen gelernt.
    Das tollste Produkt ist eindeutig mygeorge.

    1. Dag Erik Zimen Dag Erik Zimen sagt:

      Lieber Herr Apfelthaler,

      Wir haben Ihr Feedback ausgedruckt und im George Büro aufgehängt. Vielen Vielen Dank dafür im Namen des gesamten Teams!
      Und viel Spaß weiterhin mit George!

      Beste Grüße,
      Dag Zimen

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